Collection: NEW Car diffuser


The NEW car diffuser is available in black leather with brushed silver zinc alloy or pink leather with rose gold zinc alloy. They are the perfect way to scent your car. The car diffusers create a more pleasant and comfortable environment in the car, making driving a more enjoyable experience. It has a clip on the back to clip onto your car vent. RRP $42.95

Included in pack

  • Car diffuser zinc alloy (black leather or pink leather)
  • 2 tablets - 1 to go straight into your car diffuser, the other one to use as a refill
  • 1 x 15ml fragrance diffuser oil (select the scent)
  • 1 glass re-useable dropper
2 products
  • NEW Car Diffuser Pink Leather With Rose Gold Zinc Alloy
  • NEW Car Diffuser Black Leather with Brushed Silver Zinc Alloy
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