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If you love the idea of continuous fragrancing of your home or any particular room in your home, a cost effective way to do this is with a reed diffuser. The fragranced liquid in the diffuser jar penetrates the reeds and is absorbed up the body of the reeds in the jar, emitting a continuous scent.   RRP $39.95 

Angel Aromatics reed diffusers really do stand out from the crowd. Many aspects of our reed diffuser are unique to Angel which make us the logical choice when choosing a reed diffuser.

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  • 100ml Diffuser Set - Parisian Pear
    100ml Diffuser Set (wholesale) - Parisian Pear-Diffusers-Angel Aromatics
  • 100ml Diffuser Set - Peony and Bellini
    100ml Diffuser Set (wholesale) - Peony and Bellini-Diffusers-Angel Aromatics
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  • 100ml Diffuser Set - Vanilla
  • 100ml Diffuser Set - Vanilla and Coconut
  • 100ml Diffuser Set - Watermelon and Wild Apple
    100ml Diffuser Set (wholesale) - Watermelon and Wild Apple-Diffusers-Angel Aromatics
  • 100ml Diffuser Set - White Lotus