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Romantic and full boded, our floral candles and room spray capture the aroma of freshly cut flowers. The delicate aroma of peonies, rich perfume of rose and sweet pea will evoke memories of spring. 

71 products
  • NEW Wholesale Wardrobe Scented Wax Tablets - Blackcurrant and Rose fragrance
  • Large Glass Candle NEW SCENT (wholesale) - Cotton Candy
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Blush Rose
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Champagne Peony
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Sweet Pea and Violet
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - White Lotus
  • Travel Tin Candles - Bergamot and Peonies
  • Wholesale Candles 130g - Champagne Peony
  • Wholesale Candles 130g - White Lotus 130g
  • Peony Petals Pooch Perfume
  • Peony Flower Diffuser Set 100ml
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Bergamot and Peonies
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Blooming Pink Suede
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Blush Rose
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Champagne Peony
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Peony and Bellini
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - White Lotus
  • Bergamot and Peonies Home Spray
  • Blooms Room Spray
  • Blooming Pink Suede Home Spray
  • Blush Rose Home Spray
  • Champagne Peony Home Spray
  • Peony Bellini Home Spray
  • Sweet Pea and Violet Home Spray
  • White Lotus Home Spray
  • White Lotus Refill Home Spray
  • Annan & Peonies 15ml Wholesale Oil
  • Annan & Peonies 100ml Concentrated Oil
    Annan & Peonies 100ml Concentrated Oil (wholesale) (As low as $18.95)-Angel Aromatics
  • Bergamot & Peonies 15ml Wholesale Oil
  • Bergamot & Peonies 100ml Concentrated Oil
    Bergamot & Peonies 100ml Concentrated Oil (wholesale) (As low as $18.95)-Angel Aromatics
  • Blackcurrant and Rose (Baies dupe) 15ml Diffuser Wholesale Oil
  • Blooming Pink Suede 15ml Oil
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