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The flowers and balls are available in over 20 fragrances and colours and can be displayed in bowl or used to create flower walls and flower names for weddings and events RRP on flowers and balls range from $3.95 to $4.95 each
Flowers are hand dyed therefore colours may have a slight variation. They are also fragile as they are made from balsa wood and may have natural timber knots on the petals.
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  • Balsa Wood Ivory Peony
  • Balsa Wood Pink Peony
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Dahlia
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Lola
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Camellia
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Romantic Rose
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Royal Rose
  • Balsa Wood Ivory large camellia
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Snow Flower
  • Ivory Giant Zulu Flower
    Ivory Giant Zulu Flower (wholesale)-Wholesale Flowers-Angel Aromatics
  • Balsa Wood Ivory Denver Pine Cone
  • Balsa Wood Duck Egg Blue Camellia
  • Balsa Wood Pink Dahlia
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