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Our triple scented wholesale candles encompasses 100% all natural waxes hand crafted in Australia using the highest quality fragrances, essential oils and natural lead free cotton wicks. Paraben free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. 

Our beautiful and carefully curated selection of scented soy candles will help you slide into deep relaxation, create a warm ambience for your home and fill the air with delicious aromas. They make the perfect gift for you or a loved one. 

Wholesale Candles provide soft, natural lighting that can be used to create a romantic or calming mood. Our large scented candles provide the most light due to having 3 wicks / flames. Candles come in a variety of scents, from fresh fragrances such as Sea Salt & Bergamot to floral scents which include Champagne Peony or Blush Rose. Scented candles can help mask unpleasant odors or simply add a pleasant fragrance to your home.

Our scented candles are triple scented and hand crafted in Balmain Australia using the highest quality fragrances, essential oils and natural lead free cotton wicks. Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Vegan Friendly and Not Tested on Animals. Wholesale Candles

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  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Annan
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Sea Salt and Bergamot
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Sweet Pea and Violet
  • Large Glass Candle (Wholesale) - White Tea & Ginger
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Blush Rose
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Champagne Peony
  • Large Glass Candle NEW SCENT (wholesale) - Cotton Candy
  • Large Glass Candle NEW SCENT (wholesale) - Musk Stick
  • Large Glass Candle (Wholesale) - Amber Patchouli
  • Large Glass Candle NEW SCENT (wholesale) - Vanilla Caramel
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Vanilla Coconut
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Warm Bergamot & Sandalwood
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Coffee Arabica
  • Large Glass Candle NEW SCENT (wholesale) - Lavender, Bitter Orange and Musk
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Parisian Pear
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - White Lotus
  • Tester - Unboxed Large Candle
  • Be Mine Valentine's Candle 270g
  • Mother's Day Candle - Gold Crystal Knob Lid
  • Secret Admirer Valentine's Candle 270g - KISS ME
  • Secret Admirer Valentine's Candle 270g - BE MINE
  • Mother's Day Candle - Rose Gold Crystal Knob Lid
  • Mother's Day Candle - Silver Crystal Knob Lid
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