Collection: Parisian Pear

Parisian Pear Fragrance Collection

Parisian Pear fragrance is a mouth-watering and inviting scent that captures the essence of freshly baked crumble with its blend of sun-ripened French pear and cinnamon, which adds a luscious sweetness and a crisp freshness to the scent, warm vanilla adds a creamy and indulgent note, along with star anise. The overall effect is a fragrance that is both deliciously fruity and warm, evoking the cosy and comforting feeling of home-baked treats.
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  • Parisian Pear 15ml Wholesale Oil
  • Parisian Pear 100ml Concentrated Oil
    Parisian Pear 100ml Concentrated Oil (wholesale) (As low as $18.95)-Angel Aromatics
  • Large Glass Candle (wholesale) - Parisian Pear
  • 100ml Wholesale Reed Diffuser - Parisian Pear
  • Refill 200ml Diffuser Reed Oil - Parisian Pear
  • Parisian Pear Home Spray
  • Parisian Pear Refresher Spray
    Parisian Pear Refresher Spray (wholesale)-wholesale-Angel Aromatics
  • Parisian Pear Soy Melts
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