Forever Loving Mum

Forever Loving Mum

Forever Loving Mum - In memory of your mum.  Light a candle to remember your mum this Mother's Day.

Memorial candles are candles lit in remembrance of a loved one who has passed or to commemorate a special event or occasion especially on Mother's Day. These candles are often for personal reflection or meditation.

The act of lighting a memorial candle is often seen as a way to honor and remember the person who has passed away, and to keep their memory alive. It can also be a comforting and therapeutic way to cope with grief and loss, providing a physical reminder of the person and their life.

270g Pink frosted Jar with rose gold writing and lid in Blooms Fragrance. This floral scent is feminine and modern with a distinctive floral character that is both delicate and bold. Composed of sweet honeysuckle and posies, balanced by the subtle muskiness from jasmine petals and base notes of creamy vanilla which adds warmth and depth to this oil.

270g candle
Burn Time: 45 hours

RRP $45

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